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PRODUCT ORDEREDVideo Virtual Visit|34.99
DATE ORDERED:November 24, 2020
I would like my Child/Children to connect with:Santa Claus (Available Year-round)
Your Time ZoneEastern (US)
Children Attending Virtual Visit
Child Gender Age Child Name Child's Best Friend Teacher's Name Pets: Hobbies & Interests Sports: Special Reminders/Things to Cover/Accomplishments to Recognize:
Girl 4 Salma Sienna (classmate), Zamaan (cousin), Emma (little sister) Missy the cat, nickname Kitty Art projects, cooking and baking with mom, going to the park with dad, singing, wearing dresses, watching movies Kickball. Next year she plans to join Little League baseball -We will be welcoming a new baby next month. The due date is 12/30 but we expect he might arrive before or around Christmas. Salma is very excited to welcome her baby brother.
-Salma is often very sweet to her sister Emma (almost 2 years old), sharing snacks and toys with her.
-Salma is learning how to read. She gets discouraged when she can't do something perfectly but we are trying to teach her to always keep on trying.
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