Ho! Ho! Hello from the North Pole! 

Santa is so glad you have stopped by for a little peek, and he would love to come visit with you. He really enjoys visiting the region around Roanoke Va. and the surrounding states (North Carolina, West Va., and east Tennessee and Kentucky).

His Elf Zie, loves to visit on occasion too.

Santa has been working with children of all ages for over 35 years. He never tires helping put smiles on their faces and joy in their hearts. 

Did you know that Santa loves music? Not just singing all the wonderful songs of Christmas and playing his ukulele,

 but also playing them on his green Trombone. 

Santa loves to let the children do song requests just to see if they can stump him, and that is hard to do because Santa has been playing his trombone a long time, and he knows a lot of wonderful holiday music.

Music is key to the traditions of Christmas, but also the reading and telling of stories, games of Christmas trivia, and even a little Christmas humor make for a great holiday gathering.

Invite Santa (and Elf Zie) to make some magic at your:
Home Visit
Breakfast with Santa
Baking Cookies with Santa
Corporate Event
Parade/Tree Lighting
Photo Shoots
Pet Photos
Neighborhood/HOA Gathering
School/Scouts/Hospital/Nursing Home Visit
Virtual Visit or Personalized Message

If people are gathered to share the joy of Christmas any time of year,

 then press that Gold button at the top of this page to have

Santa join you to share his spirit, energy, and joy.

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