Imagine that cold, snowy winter night when the children are all tucked in bed with the excitement of Santa Claus visiting their house during the night. Their dreams, not unlike the dreams of sugarplums of old, are of that magical man who delivers the toys and gifts that they have so wanted. Their dreams of giving that special present that they picked out for Mom or Dad or brother Billy. Their dreams of marshmallows melting on top of the hot chocolate that grandma just made and the smell of the desserts wafting away from the kitchen.

Make those dreams come ALIVE with a visit from Santa! That excitement, that energy, that giving feeling and of course, that feeling of love and family.

Santa can come to your house and create that excitement with your children and family. Whether it be taking a photo and telling a story with one child or a family of many more, Santa has the experience to create that wonderment that believers feel and you will too. Santa has worked with that one child and with groups of 150 people or more.

Let me know how Santa can create that excitement for your family or event. Santa also does home visits through the ZOOM video platform so family members that are far away can join the party also.

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