Thank you for visiting the Professional Santa Claus School Online session…

The world of Santa Claus is CHANGING!! Although nothing will ever replace the fun, memories and magic we have live and in person with our clients… the younger generation is all about technology!

So for today’s Santa… It’s hop into the “Tech Sleigh” or get left at the North Pole!

P.O.L.E.S. is Professional OnLine Education for Santas created and produced by Professional Santa Claus School of Denver…

P.O.L.E.S. is open to ALL Santas wishing to learn the insights to add a new dimension to their Santa careers, whether you are a graduate of PSCS or not!!

Our first seminar is all about BEing Santa Claus ONLINE! Whether you stay independent or choose to work for an online Santa chat company, you’ll be at the top of the Santa list using these fun ideas and techniques!

Yes, it sounds easy but there is a huge shift from performing live to transitioning into quality, professional “CommunErtainment” with the children, ONLINE!

In this seminar, I’ll even teach you how to make an 800% return on your educational investment, your very first season of applying my techniques! Not bad, huh?


P.O.L.E.S. Educational Series.

Professional OnLine Education for Santas