Terms & Conditions

Social Responsibility to MSR/ Client / Public Confidence in the MSR Program
To participate in this program “Santa” is required to register. Registration will include submission to a confidential national background check to protect the families and reputations of other Santas participating in this program. American Events (hereinafter known as AEP), reserves the right to refuse any “Santa” participation or remove a “Santa” from the program due to any discovered immoral, unethical, social or other inappropriate behavior or other reason of cause determined by AEP. Santa may also be removed from the MSR program for any violation of MSR policies and/or procedures. If a Santa is removed from the program, at the sole determination of AEP, unused codes may or may not be refunded at the discretion of AEP. Santa’s database will become the property of AEP and safe guarded to protect the participating families.

Cards/Code/Code Usage
“Santa” is solely responsible for maintaining quantity of code usages as desired in his “Code Bank.” AEP is not responsible should “Santa” have more participants & referrals wanting to register for the program than “Santa” has codes. If “Santa” run out of codes, registrants will be allowed to enter the program under the general AEP database, whereby AEP retains any bookings and database information. If “Santa” elects to print up his own MSR cards for this program, a proof must be submitted to AEP for approval prior to printing. Any Santa printing up or distributing his own cards, without prior approval by AEP, will be immediately removed from the program and all database leads for his account will be retained by AEP. Family participants may ONLY register with the use of a code originating from AEP. “Santa” can purchase additional MSR cards (each with 1 code usage) at $1 each, in increments of 50 cards/codes at a time. Cards will be shipped priority. Order early to allow for holiday mailing via USPS. Priority shipping/handling cost will apply. “Santa” can purchase additional MSR code uses, at $1 each, in increments of 25 code uses at a time. No shipping or additional fees will apply. These codes may be used in email or phone marketing campaigns. All current code usages will expire on Dec. 31st of the current program year. Value of any unused codes will be applied to participation in the next year’s program if registered MSR “Santa” remains in good standing with AEP and MSR.

Santa Visit Bookings
MSR participants are given an estimated 16-28 or more opportunities to elect to use the “Arrange a Visit from Santa” option. AEP does not guarantee any specific percentage of participant usage of this service. Nor does AEP guarantee any specific income amount to “Santa” for his participation in the MSR program. “Santa” will be contacted via email with participant’s booking information. This booking information is sent exclusively to ONLY ONE “Santa,” the “Santa” who initiated the participant via his promo code. “Santa” is soley responsible for outcome of interaction(s) with participant requesting the booking. You / your Santa company, are/is solely responsible to arrange all business aspects with this client in your quotes, contract, terms, pricing, cancellation policy, payment arrangements, etc. AEP is NOT party to your contract. AEP is not responsible to you or your client for any aspect of performance, liability, omission or terms outlined in your contract or collections of non-payment by the client. User agrees to run your business ethically and professionally. Santa, as an independent contractor using this system, not under contract with, or in the employment of AEP, is personally responsible for all taxes and tax reporting required by local and federal laws. AEP makes no specific claims as to the number of bookings a participating Santa will receive or contract. Variables include but are not limited to: a.) your “presentation/show” as you hand the card to your client/potential clients, b.) the number of families participating, c.) your other promotion of your cards/codes, d.) when and where you hand out your cards, e.) the general marketplace’s desire for a Santa, f.) pricing of your Santa services, g.) how quickly you reply to your booking leads, h.) your availability or ability adjustment of visit dates/times, i.) etc. Due to the timing of handing out your cards year #1, much of your season may already be filled if you are an established professional Santa. The value of your database in creating more and perhaps more profitable bookings for future years should not be overlooked or discounted. This program is a wonderful “Thank you” program and reminder to use with current Santa visit clients.

Promotion of Bookings
AEP may promote the MSR program via additional means beyond “Santa” handing out cards. This may or may not directly benefit participating “Santa.” Families brought into the program by general AEP marketing may request to “Book a Santa Visit” in one of your listed zip code service areas. If Santa has codes available in his “Code Bank”, organic leads from AEP for Santa Visits, may be forwarded to Santas on a rotating basis. One code will be deducted from your “Code Bank” for each organic lead. This family will then be added to your database. An exact number of Santa Visit booking requests by participants from additional marketing efforts is not guaranteed.

Brand New Concept! Unique Agency Practice
No commissions or referral fees are payable to AEP for leads or Santa bookings from clients in your database. (This is subject to change in future years of the program). “Santa” retains all clients in his MSR database as his own and not the client of AEP. Database will not be released to Santa until any applicable Code Bank overages have been paid. Your database clients may wish to participate next year. It is up to you to invite them back, if you wish for them to participate in the program in the future. One code usage will be required. This will create a duplicate client in your database.

Santa’s Exclusive Database
After the season, (Jan.-Feb.) participating Santas will receive an Exel spread sheet database of all clients (direct contacts & their referrals) who signed up to participate under your code. Name, city, state and email. Use for tasteful electronic marketing of your Santa business for future bookings. (Physical mailing addresses are not collected from participants, unless they elect to “Arrange a Santa Visit.”)

Grandfather Program 2016
Santas participating in the MSR program in the inaugural year (2016), shall be guaranteed the same card/code pricing ($1 each) for the next two (2) years, if the pricing increases for new Santas coming into the program. Other aspects and terms of the program may be subject to change as the programs grows and matures.

Proprietary Information:
By participation in the program “Santa” agrees not to disclose, discuss, share, publish, duplicate, expose, etc any proprietary information about this copyrighted program, it’s operations, or it’s management to any party, entity or organization without the express written permission of AEP. Damages to AEP from this activity by any “Santa” participant will be legally recovered at the participant’s expense.